Maintain Your Property with All the Right Tools

Shop for the best name-brand hardware and tools from Southern Hardware & Supply in Comer, Georgia. We have all the supplies you need to maintain your home, farm, ranch, or business.

Essential Hardware

Everything you need for your doors, insulation, weather stripping, and more is available at Southern Hardware & Supply. We choose National Hinge Hardware™ and Master™ padlocks because they are nationally recognized for excellence. Our customers can avoid changing locks thanks to our rekeying service. We also offer a plexiglass cutting service and make window screens.

High-Quality Hand Tools

No toolbox is complete without all the best equipment. We carry name-brand tools from Crescent™, Erwin™, Rigid™, Channel Lock™, and many more. These tools listed below are essential for any plumbing, electrical, or other type property maintenance:
Hammers - Pliers - Screw Drivers - Hack Saws - Pipe Wrenches - Crescent Wrenches - Adjustable Wrenches - And Many More

Nuts, Bolts, and Other Fasteners

Every carpenter, farmer, and homeowner needs a sizable supply of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. We have the biggest selection of metric, standard, stainless steel, and specialty fasteners in Northeast Georgia. These can be used for simple jobs like fixing your kid’s bicycle, fixing your tractor, or other countless purposes. See a more comprehensive list of our fasteners below:
Washers | Nuts- Anchors | Screws | Bolts Grade 2, 5, and 8 | And Many More